venerdì 5 agosto 2011

Remember SAQ !!! Ready with mini whips ? :)

Just to remember : Extra Grimeton transmission TODAY @ 9.00 UTC !!
This transmission will be not verified by qsl cards and is a commemorating transmission for Mäkitalo..

Here a transcript from the Grimeton Saq station site:

SAQ will honour the late Östen Mäkitalo with an extra transmission on Friday 5th August at 09:00 UTC. The frequency is 17.2 kHz CW. We start the transmitter for tuning about 08:30 UTC.

Mr Mäkitalo is considered to be the father of the Nordic Mobile Telephone (NMT) system and many times the father of cellular phone, read more...

Listeners' reports from this transmission will not be confirmed by QSL card.

venerdì 15 luglio 2011

lunedì 27 giugno 2011

HDSDR v2.0 + Perseus + AOR AR5000

Just started as a test but now wondering how much funny is "having a look" on vhf bands :)

The new HDSDR 2.0 ( ) permits to use your Perseus receiver connected to an IF output ( in my setup from the 10.7 IF out of the AOR AR5000 ) with the free downconverting frequency management software option :)

Thanks Mario ! :)

domenica 5 giugno 2011

Psyops and Jamming

Since March 2011 the Lybian theatre of Nato military operations, started with "Odissey Dawn" and now "Unified Protector" has been the interesting scenario for HF-PSYOPS (Psycological Operations) operated by the EC-130 COMMAND SOLO.
You can easily find some info about this modded Hercules C130J on the net :
Here the frequencies used since March:
6877 Khz
10405 Khz
10404 Khz
10124.5 Khz
The last frequency is in the middle of the 30 mt. ham band and is used by an ALE lybian network (GMNRA Great Manmade River Autority)

I have some recordings and texts, but i would like to create a complete archive of any transmission made until now. If you have a good recording with time and date, please email me or post a comment with link under this post.

The Jamming:
Should be interesting to know/study the transmitters and the type of jamming equipment; most probably something mobile like this:
In this page you can also find some jamming modulation samples;
Some time ago, as an oddities fan, I was listening some OLD recordings from the CONET PROJECT (Iran-Iraq period) on their soundcloud page and my attention was captured by this file:
Here you can listen different kinds of jamming modulations and.... something could be familiar to your ears: one of the modulations is very similar (mostly identical) to the one used in these days by Lybians.

If you are interested in reading a little bit of jamming history, this is a book you MUST read:
and this is a link with a lot of info and pictures of equipment:

sabato 4 giugno 2011

Nato Psyops Message

"Nato knows where you are and will continue to watch you ...."
AzZ !!
The Big Brother is ALWAYS watching You !!!!!
Little cracks and qsb from a thunderstorm around here..

The Kramer Audio-Video Matrix

I've looked/ebayed a lot around to find a good audio matrix switcher with a rack format... and.. finally, some months ago, i was so lucky to find -half destroyed- this little piece of audio-video equipment: a Kramer Vs-5x4.
The VS-5x4 is an audio-video switcher with audio RCA and video BNC connectors on the rear and the possibility to be remotely controlled via an rs232.

After a little work (and a BIG patience) i modded his power supply for 220v (I think was imported in EU with an US power supply) changed the power button with one working (and a power lamp) and rebuilded some rear connectors.. but the little Kramer, inside, was almost perfect.
So.. a fantastic solution for routing audio between 5 inputs (gm6790,775dsp,ar5000,ar5000,icr20) and 4 outputs (now only 2 used for the 2 pcs line in).

But now.. a terrible idea is growing in my mind : the video part is still unused :)))))

giovedì 2 giugno 2011

QRM power-noise

These are two LITTLE samples of my QRM problems from the neightboors: an ethernet powerline adapter and a new LG 42" plasma tv from the chinese bar just in front of my qth.
This is the situation around 2 mhz, the less problematic frequency because you still hear something.

Here you can see a noise ON mode ( bar open )

Here you can see a noise OFF mode ( bar closed )

These are "only" little noises because one of the causes was off... ( the TV has another qrm fingerprint ) BUT.. when both sistems are on ( powerline + tv ) my perseus ( and me) is crying..

Next days i'll try to work around it: i've just bought some noise filters and have tried to explain the situation to the chinese owner of the bar..


Receiving post #3 ( under working )
Universal M-7000


Receiving post #2
Audio matrix switcher


Receiving post #1:
AOR AR 5000
AOR AR 5000

mercoledì 1 giugno 2011

New Blog

Just starting this new blog on my hf monitoring experiences while waiting to solve the new QRM power noise from the flat tv of the chinese bar in front of me !!
Next days i hope my hf will be "free" again from that STUPID noise repeting EVERY 24 khz and S9.