mercoledì 5 settembre 2012

How to get it work? Help needed

Just found on the market this wonderful R&S GA082. I've also found surfing the net a tech manual but not so useful to get it work. Anyone of you could help me in starting to decode even a simple ddh7 rtty? Many thanks

martedì 24 luglio 2012

Acars night

An acars night with Wavecom. sigmira and Perseus.

sabato 21 luglio 2012

Two Perseus working

Just a simple immagine about two Perseus operating at the same time: one on my qth with 4.0a and one remotely with 4.0b.

Some days with STUDIO 1

Just an "hands on" use of a few days with the new Studio 1 and Perseus. My impression is very positive and the feeling with this software is almost immediate. You can choose your personal view, open multiple receivers at the same time and transform your pc and a couple of sdrs (also cheap as pmsdr) in a powerful hf monitoring station. Personally VERY good impressed in these few hour of first view of studio 1, even if i like much more the palette colours of microtelecom software.. but that's just a personal choose.

martedì 17 luglio 2012

Second Perseus ready

Finally arrived my second Perseus. In love for this little monster of receivers, I consider it the best for my personal use. The first one is under test in a remote reception site. With this one at home i'll try to compare different locations with my homebase. Once i'll find the best location, Perseus will find his home in an ip65 protected box. This edition comes with a beautiful surprise: the Studio 1 sdr software. I'll test it in these days and i'll report for you.

venerdì 6 aprile 2012

RFI killer Furman M10xE

New addendum to my station.. A new friend helping me to stop rfi and peaks noise from AC.
Here some photos.. Just arrived and.. Just opened!! I was SO curious to see his filter.. So simple but so well designed.

domenica 18 marzo 2012

Satcom weekend

Just a weekend break from HF to refurbish my satcom antenna and add a good lna. A bias tee couple (eheheh personal design) was add to remotely power the lna: one used like a power injector on receiver side and another one as power extractor on lna side under antenna.

Satcom helix antenna:

Lna with bias tee ready to be cabled:

The bias tee:

The second bias tee:

domenica 12 febbraio 2012

A beautiful military log periodic

This is a beautiful, and almost new, log periodic antenna used by austrian military forces in Villach. On the back of this building there is another, not pictured here, with a full size 40 mt dipole and a small directive antenna (maybe 10 mtrs or similar).

venerdì 3 febbraio 2012


Still in bed with this stupid flu.. Boring time.. just decided to analyze better my recordings of 31 Genn. Here's a picture of S06s transmitting on 6337 khz. Everytime I see this kind of station transmitting with this spectrum.. i can only immagine how much power and setup "someone" is using.. just compare the rest of the stations in the spectrum!
On the right you can see the Israelian 4XZ cw station transmitting a message and not just the boring 4XZ cw marker (here a good analysis of 4XZ). On the left some signals moving around the spectrum, maybe radars or so.

Here the S06s audio on the same day, with the same message (null) but on 5070 khz at 15.00 utc.

martedì 17 gennaio 2012

Tx tests?

Sometimes.. while you are monitoring some other things.. you can see strange (and nice) TX tests !

Here's the video

sabato 14 gennaio 2012

Petizioni online per Radio Bulgaria e Radio France

Purtroppo le HF si stanno impoverendo sempre più e senpre in più breve tempo. Le recenti chiusure e i ridimensionamenti in ambito europeo hanno interessato anche colossi come Deutsche Welle e Radio France. Tristi le notizie che mi arrivano anche direttamente dall'interno di BNR che, fino allo scorso anno, era un faro di voci culturalmente aperto, presente, interessato ed attento in una Europa di cui era voce con ottime trasmissioni dedicate ai dxers, all'economia di un'Asia vicina e di uno Stato che si voleva far sentire con la sua voglia di presenza in Europa. Purtroppo la scure dei costi per la gestione degli impianti MW e SW si abbatte nel confronto con i numeri del pubblico radiofonico odierno. L'unica speranza è quella che queste ultime voci non vengano spente del tutto passando sul satellite o via internet, al fine di mantenere quella voce porta d'Europa. Per noi appassionati, invece, speriamo almeno nel mantenimento delle frequenze MW nazionali con qualche piccolo programma in inglese che ci possa tenere in contatto con le voci del mondo.. Alzeremo di più le antenne!! Qui il del blog di Andrea Lawendel, con i link per le perizioni. Un abbraccio ed in bocca al lupo a tutta la redazione di BNR. Ciao Rossi!

Blog dell'amico Andrea con i link per le petizioni:

AUDIO BNR ieri sera, sui 5900 khz con un segnale davvero forte: 9+50

lunedì 9 gennaio 2012

Streaming test result

After 2 hrs of streaming positive points are the stability of connection and radio setup using an old but glorious R5000. Bad points audio latency and metallic sound also with good quality used during encoding.
Tomorrow two different tests with personal audio server upped and automatich switch between 10400 khz and E25 monitoring, using possibilities given by the automatic audio switching of Kramer interface.
Would be nice now to build (or buy a CHEAP but good) automatic antenna switcher with remote (232/usb or.. better.. LAN) control. Any idea?

Streaming tests

Just starting some tests for streaming audio on this blog.
Main intention is to constantly monitor some Hf stations.
Under working - Stay tuned ! Next test on 9/01/2012 @ 14.00 UTC streaming 10400 khz