martedì 24 luglio 2012

Acars night

An acars night with Wavecom. sigmira and Perseus.

sabato 21 luglio 2012

Two Perseus working

Just a simple immagine about two Perseus operating at the same time: one on my qth with 4.0a and one remotely with 4.0b.

Some days with STUDIO 1

Just an "hands on" use of a few days with the new Studio 1 and Perseus. My impression is very positive and the feeling with this software is almost immediate. You can choose your personal view, open multiple receivers at the same time and transform your pc and a couple of sdrs (also cheap as pmsdr) in a powerful hf monitoring station. Personally VERY good impressed in these few hour of first view of studio 1, even if i like much more the palette colours of microtelecom software.. but that's just a personal choose.

martedì 17 luglio 2012

Second Perseus ready

Finally arrived my second Perseus. In love for this little monster of receivers, I consider it the best for my personal use. The first one is under test in a remote reception site. With this one at home i'll try to compare different locations with my homebase. Once i'll find the best location, Perseus will find his home in an ip65 protected box. This edition comes with a beautiful surprise: the Studio 1 sdr software. I'll test it in these days and i'll report for you.