domenica 12 febbraio 2012

A beautiful military log periodic

This is a beautiful, and almost new, log periodic antenna used by austrian military forces in Villach. On the back of this building there is another, not pictured here, with a full size 40 mt dipole and a small directive antenna (maybe 10 mtrs or similar).

venerdì 3 febbraio 2012


Still in bed with this stupid flu.. Boring time.. just decided to analyze better my recordings of 31 Genn. Here's a picture of S06s transmitting on 6337 khz. Everytime I see this kind of station transmitting with this spectrum.. i can only immagine how much power and setup "someone" is using.. just compare the rest of the stations in the spectrum!
On the right you can see the Israelian 4XZ cw station transmitting a message and not just the boring 4XZ cw marker (here a good analysis of 4XZ). On the left some signals moving around the spectrum, maybe radars or so.

Here the S06s audio on the same day, with the same message (null) but on 5070 khz at 15.00 utc.